About us

The story behind the brand.


Cas Schelvis, founder of Liberality Fashion has always been motivated to start a business himself. But it really started when he went travelling around the world. And got deeper into the fashion industry. It didn’t only open his eyes, but also his heart. He now really realized the inequality in the world. And how unfair life really could be. People would work an inhuman number of hours. And still have to work overtime. Not even mentioned the bad work conditions yet. 

Cas was determined to make a change. And to make the world a better place by starting with themselves. 
For Cas it was the most obvious to stay close to his personality. To really want to do it from the heart and carrying it out to you and the world. Cas went through a rocky road, full of struggles. But kept on going and in 2015 a little bit of equality was celebrated. Liberality Fashion was launched. He would fight for equilty and honesty. And strive for equality through equal payments in the supply chain. Which we keep really short, so we can keep the clothing affordable for you. 
Till today they got a small team together. Cas knows he is not going to make a lot of profit out of this. But that doesn’t stop him. He wants to get the fashion industry healthier by taking babysteps. To produce fairtrade clothes you can wear with proud. And still keep the urban lifestyle and do you. Liberality Fashion keeps it simple, clean and honest. It’s a really good start to equality, are you in?